Submit 10 Baltimore – going strong for over FIVE MONTHS – requests the honor of your presence and talent.

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Here are the details:

WRITERS (novice, professional, or curious): This is your opportunity to have your work read aloud to an enthusiastic, ego-free, and friendly audience.
READERS (novice, professional, or curious): Here’s a chance to spontaneously perform BRAND NEW MATERIAL.


1. SUBMIT YOUR WORK. Submit whatever written material you’ve got to:
(plays, stories, poetry, music).
Must be 10 minutes or less in PDF format.
Please include your name and COMPLETE contact info!

2. Encourage your friends, coworkers, local BMore artists, to stop by and help us perform and/or support selected written submissions.
ALL PERFORMERS MUST ARRIVE BY 7:30, look for host, Rachel Hirshorn, and let her know that you are interested in reading.

3. Come to Liam Flynn’s Ale House and enjoy $3 cask beers as we cast your work for a live reading ON THE SPOT.
No rehearsal, no rules. No ego, no pretension.
Just your words, live.

Writers will be notified via email or phone whether their work has been chosen for a particular night.

Want more info?

Also check out:
It’s LIVE! Perfect place to submit material and/or send me your feedback!